Housed in the Griffin-Spalding Enrichment Center for over a decade, Camelot Theatre specializes in grand musicals, straight plays, and plenty of youth-based theatre. While we do not offer classes, we do teach as we go. We are open for everyone to audition, with no shows pre-cast. If you’re experienced, that’s wonderful, but if this is your first time we will be glad to show you the ropes and teach you what you need to know.
Camelot’s productions are held at the Griffin Spalding Enrichment Center, 205 Spalding Drive in Griffin, and at the Griffin Auditorium, 234 East Taylor Street. Be sure to check the location for each performance.

Our History

1998 – Camelot Theatre was formed in May of 98

A group of individuals took on the ambitious goal of bringing high-quality theatre to Griffin, GA. Many things have changed since it’s inception, but two things remained throughout: 1) Theatre is for everyone; 2) Only the best will do. We give our best to make each show memorable for everyone.

2006 – Brad D. Fowler became President and Principal Director of Camelot
Brad joined Camelot in 2002 with the production of Annie. He joined the Board soon after and became President in 2006. He has been a part of every production since that first day in 2002.

2020 – The year without a show
Because of the world wide pandemic of COVID-19, 2020 was the very first year Camelot did not perform. We spent the year rehearsing and recasting for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. After 14 long months it finally went live in February 2021.


  • Only the best will do! Quality isn’t cheap. We invest heavily in quality costumes, backdrops, sets, digital effects, special effects, and licenses for the best shows available. Time is another important investment at Camelot. Each performance is a culmination of thousands of hours of hard work, and this effort is evident to our patrons. We give our all in everything do.
  • Everyone deserves a chance to shine! While it’s always wonderful to witness amazing, experienced talent at our auditions, those who are brand new to the arts are just as important. We have watched shy, reclusive individuals come through our doors and over time end up in lead roles. Theatre is important for developing self-awareness, confidence, as well as teamwork skills.