Director:   Brad D. Fowler   Music Director:   Dana Harrell
Co-Director:   Meg Matthews   Choreographer:   Lori Flanders

- Show Dates and Times -
Friday, September 19th at 7:00pm
Saturday, September 20th at 2:00 & 7:00pm
Sunday, September 21st at 2:00pm

The principal cast members are as follows:

Korey M. Echols   Tom:  
A teacher who just finished his first day of teaching.

Alex Eberhart   Cookie:
The wacky but lovable chef of the diner.

Meg Matthews   Julie:
Rollerskating waitress. Sweet & full of energy. Loves to dance and loves the diner.

Jessi Hale   Rebecca:
A regular at the diner. She lives in the apartment upstairs. She is a goof ball and silly. Fun. Energetic. Longs to be a country singer.

Emily Stephens   Nina:
The co-owner of the diner. She is very strong. Assured. Cool. She owns the diner with her sister Cleo.

Josh Stephens   Lucky:
Job applicant at the diner. Has his eye on employment....and a certain waitress.

Nikki Stone   Flo:
The diner's more experienced waitress. Doesn't always see eye to eye with Julie.

Abby Stephens   Valerie:
Tom's Sister. A Super Scout troop leader who drops by the diner in with her girls for a quick bite with Tom.

Ellie Cape,
Betsy Ballard,
Caroline Smith
& Miranda Rawlins
  The Scout Girls:
Members of Super Scout Troop 379, these girls are always looking for adventure and fun. They are prepared for anything...except possibly this diner.

The 'secondaries' have the very important role of illustrating the songs. They are the ones who bring the songs to life for the audience.

Our secondary cast members in alphabetical order are as follows:

Lainey Ballard   Lindsey Fowler   Dylan Lefevre
Brianna Martin   Mary Brooke Martin   Rylie Rawlins
Jarred Sisson   Madison Smith   Christy Stacy
Maddy Stephens   Mattie Westbury   Makenzie White