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Friday, August 19, 2011 through Sunday, August 21, 2011


This show is a musical based upon the Grimm Brother's Snow White in the western atmosphere of the Gold Rush days.

The Production Team...

Brad D. Fowler -- Director
Jared Sisson -- Junior Director
Angie Plate -- Music Director
Lori Flanders -- Choreographer
Alicia Smith -- Pianist
Shari Barron -- Orchestration

Presenting the Characters & Cast...

SNOW WHITE: ~ Kat Martin ~
Filled with beauty, warmth and honesty, Snow White wins the hearts of everyone she meets, except Queenie. Queenie's jealousy could mark the end of Snow White unless one or two heroes can come to her rescue.

QUEENIE: ~ Nikki Stone ~
She is a raucous, as well as a glamorous dance hall queen who becomes Snow White's Stepmother. She is vain and domineering, and becomes the jealous, comedic villainess when her Magic Mirror proclaims Snow White the fairest of all. She later disguises herself as a spanish peddler selling combs, and again as an indian squaw selling apples. Like her counterpart Sneaky Sam, she tends to be a bitmelodramatic at times.

NARRATOR: ~ Caylen Perry ~
In addition to moving the story along, the Narrator interacts directly with the audience throughout the play. When she is not narrating, she sits to one side of the stage and watches the action and like the audience, reacting to the scenes and applauding the performers.

HANK: ~ Nolan Winter ~
SHORTY: ~ Luke Sisson ~
JESSI: ~ Lindsey Fowler ~
BOBBIE JOE: ~ Stefani Franklin ~
CHARLIE: ~ Anna Argo ~
PETUNIA: ~ Rachel Wallace ~
SLIM: ~ Will Samples ~
The vertically-challenged, gold-mining family of seven sing & dance frequently. HANK is the kindly leader of the group, and SHORTY is the lovable & not-so-bright black sheep of the family. JESSI, BOBBIE JOE, CHARLIE, PETUNIA and SLIM all are unique and keep the family organized.

MARSHAL JOE PRINCE: ~ Hayden Flanders ~
He is the handsome western hero with a dazzling smile and a bit of a swagger in his walk. He is the owner of the Prince Mines, and becomes the Marshal of the territory and soon after falls in love.

SNEAKY SAM: ~ David Samples ~
He is Queenie's henchman torn between Snow White's beauty and Queenie's rage.

MAGIC MIRROR: ~ Cady Crawford ~
She is warm, quick witted and quite humorous, and tries to be the voice of reason to Queenie, to no avail.

MR. WHITE: ~ Jared Sisson ~
He is a kindly and spry old prospector type who, with his daughter Snow, comes to the old west to find gold but soon falls prey to Queenie.

BARTENDER: ~ Meloni Franklin ~
She keeps the Saloon in order and the patrons in line. Watch out for her left-hook....and her trusty shotgun.

Skippy The Kid & Golden-Tooth:
~ Derrick Keator & Hunter Dotson~
Part of Sneaky Sam's gang. This rowdy band of misfits are only interested in four things: gold, women, whiskey & green lantern comics.