Directed by Brad D. Fowler


Fri, March 23, 2012 - 7:00pm
Sat, March 24, 2012 - 2:00 & 7:00pm
Sun, March 25, 2012 - 2:00pm

Presenting the Cast of 'ALL SHOOK UP'

Chad Hunter Dotson A a great-lookin', motorcyclin', guitar-playin', leather-jacketed roustabout.
Natlie Heller/Ed Angie Plate A young woman and an excellent mechanic. She is much more at home in greasy overalls than in a dress.
Dennis Siddhant 'Sid' Yadav Natalie’s best friend and secret admirer. He is a wide-eyed, awkward (think 'lost puppy'), aspiring dentist.
Dean Hyde/Inmate Josiah Panter Matilda’s son. He has spent his youth at military boarding schools and has never disobeyed his mother.
Lorraine Whitley Fowler Sylvia’s teenage daughter. Pretty, smart and a total romantic.
(Lorraine's Mom)
Virginia Shapard Church The no-nonsense owner of SYLVIA’S HONKY-TONK.
Jim Haller/Inmate
Brad D. Fowler Natalie’s widowed father; middle-aged and messy, he still longs for his wife.
Miss Sandra Layna Fulop The beautiful, intellectual caretaker of the town's museum who falls for “Ed”.
Mayor Matilda Hyde Lori Bush The town’s ULTRA-conservative mayor (think Mamie Eisenhower).
Sheriff Earl Jimmy Estes The law in town and a man of VERY few words. He loyally follows the Mayor wherever she goes.
Warden Tim Franklin
Henrietta (Lorraine U/S) Stefani Franklin
TownsPerson/Statue Nikki Stone
TownsPerson/Fainting Girl Lindsey Fowler
TownsPerson Mallory Manolis
TownsPerson/Statue Cady Crawford
TownsPerson Zoe Maher
TownsPerson/Bartender Melani Franklin
TownsPerson/Statue Kat Martin
Inmate/TownsPerson Blake Dunn
Inmate/TownsPerson Drew Schmidt
Inmate/TownsPerson Quatavious 'Sage' Morgan
Inmate/TownsPerson Yaquarri Dugger



Somewhere in the midwest, within a village that no one knew about, in the 1950s, Chad, a hip-swiveling, guitar-playing roustabout, is being released from prison ("Jailhouse Rock"). The warden doesn't appreciate a guy like Chad riding into town, playing his music and exciting the local women. With a sneer, Chad rides off.

In a nearby dreary little town, Natalie, a young mechanic, is dreaming of love and adventure. She yearns for one true love to take her away, but she doesn't realize that her best friend Dennis has a secret crush on her. Sitting in Sylvia's, the local honky tonk, the whole town sings the blues ("Heartbreak Hotel"). Natalie's widowed father Jim enters and joins in, until they're interrupted by the roar of a motorcycle: it is Chad, the most gorgeous man any of the women in this town have ever seen! Most swoon for him, but one unlucky girl has the displeasure of fainting before him, riding into town ("Roustabout"). Chad is in need of a mechanic and he's introduced to Natalie, who is instantly smitten ("One Night With You") and promises to fix his bike, wanting to hold him in her arms.

Chad asks about any excitement in town, but he's told that excitement is outlawed under the Mayor's strict rules: no tight pants, no public kissing, and no loud music. Chad, incensed, promises to breathe some life into this sad, little town and he touches a broken-down jukebox, and it immediately comes to life ("C'mon Everybody"). As Chad and Natalie go off to fix his bike, Mayor Matilda enters with Earl, the sheriff, and her son, Dean. Matilda scolds the citizens for dancing and singing, then goes off to find the root of this new found evil. As soon as she exits, Dean meets Lorraine, Sylvia's pretty African-American daughter, and the two share a nervous and flirtatious smile. Meanwhile, Natalie is working on Chad's motorcycle. She tells him of her dreams of the open road, and he tells her that she must follow her heart ("Follow That Dream").

After Chad exits, Natalie, in an attempt to look more girly, puts on the only dress she owns—a tattered old one she uses to clean car engines. Dennis runs into Natalie and he is about to tell her how he feels for her, when Chad enters and interrupts. Ignoring Natalie, Chad asks Dennis to become his sidekick and the overjoyed Dennis accepts. Suddenly, the beautiful and glamorous Sandra appears, and Chad is struck down with a case of hardcore love ("One Night With You"--reprise). Sandra is the owner of the local museum, and she bemoans the lack of culture in this depressing little town. Chad tries to smooth-talk her, but she resists ("Teddy Bear/Hound Dog").

Later that day, at Sylvia's Honky Tonk, Jim and Sylvia speak about the strange, lascivious behavior that seems to have befallen the town since Chad's arrival. Natalie enters in her greasy dress, and Lorraine has her change into one of her dresses—it is clean and cute and Natalie looks lovely. She rushes off in pursuit of Chad. Both Sylvia and Jim agree that at a certain point in life, it's better to be alone, when Sandra enters, and Jim instantly falls for her ("One Night With You"--reprise). Too nervous to speak to such a vision of beauty, he rushes out.

Dean enters to tell Lorraine that he thinks she's beautiful. Lorraine, thrilled, begins to teach him to dance ("That's All Right"). But Sylvia interrupts and insists that it's NOT all right for them to be together, and Dean rushes out. Dean meets Matilda at the bus stop, and she tells him that she's sending him back to military school on the next bus. Lorraine enters, and Dean tells her the terrible news: they're about to be separated. Hopelessly in love, Dean and Lorraine decide to run off together ("It's Now Or Never").

Dennis meets Natalie on the street and shows off his new hunting cap, which makes him feel like "one of the guys." Natalie has a sudden inspiration and she grabs Dennis' hunting cap. Alone in the garage, she dresses like a leather-jacketed male roustabout ("Love Me Tender").

As Chad bemoans Sandra's lack of attraction to him Dennis comes up with an idea. He volunteers to take a Shakespearean sonnet to her. Desperate, Chad agrees. But before Dennis leaves, a leather-jacketed roustabout rides into town ("Blue Suede Shoes"). It is Natalie, dressed as a fellah named Ed. Chad is excited by Ed's coolness and manliness and he asks Ed to be his new sidekick. Heartbroken, Dennis exits. Chad instructs Ed that his first job as his new sidekick is to give the sonnet to Miss Sandra. Jim enters, and Ed grabs the sonnet and rushes off.

Jim tells Chad that he's in love with a woman who doesn't love him back. Chad looks over the slovenly Jim, and tells him that in order to win a girl, Jim must dress and act more like Chad. Chad gives Jim a much-needed lesson in coolness ("Don't Be Cruel"). Ed arrives at the museum and gives Sandra the sonnet. Sandra is so moved by the sonnet that she finds herself drawn to this strange-looking young man ("One Night With You"--reprise). Ed tries to leave, but Sandra is intent on seducing him ("Let Yourself Go").

As the sun goes down, Mayor Matilda is cracking down on the perceived immoral behavior that is now running rampant through the town. She comes upon a couple kissing, and she's stunned to see that it's her precious Dean kissing Lorraine. Dean, for the first time, disobeys his mother and shows her that he can now dance. He and Lorraine run off into the night. Matilda promises to throw Chad in jail for what he has done, and she and Sheriff Earl drive after Dean. Ed tells Chad that in order to avoid jail, he should hide in the abandoned fairgrounds just outside of town. Chad runs off, and Ed runs off after him. Jim, now dressed like Chad, enters and asks Sylvia if she's seen Sandra. Sylvia tells Jim that he's crazy to fall for a woman like that, and Jim admonishes Sylvia for having grown cold and bitter. Jim gives Sylvia a very surprising kiss, and a stunned Sylvia suddenly falls for him. Soon, everyone in town find themselves escaping to the fairgrounds, searching for someone to love ("Can't Help Falling in Love").


In the midst of the abandoned fairgrounds, the citizens of the town are restless and randy ("All Shook Up"). Dennis comes upon Natalie, who's still dressed as Ed, and Dennis reveals that he's upset about the way Chad treats her ("It Hurts Me"). But Natalie insists that Chad is the only guy for her.

In an attempt to win Chad, Natalie gets an idea: she convinces Chad to teach her (as Ed) how to seduce a woman ("A Little Less Conversation") but in the process, Ed winds up kissing Chad. Chad is stunned and Ed runs off as Jim enters. Chad reaffirms his machismo ("Power Of My Love") when Jim and Chad suddenly realize they are both in love with the same woman. Sandra enters, lustfully looking for Ed. Jim confesses his love for Sandra, but she doesn't even remember meeting him. As the heartbroken Jim slinks off, Ed enters, and he insists that Sandra leave them alone. Sandra, still hot for Ed, relents and promises to find him later. Left alone, Chad is about to hit Ed, but he realizes that he can't. Ed gives Chad some "alone time", and Chad realizes that he has feelings for his new sidekick ("I Don't Want To").

In another part of the fairgrounds, Mayor Matilda enters, followed, as always, by the silent Sheriff Earl, and she vows to bring the roustabout down ("Devil In Disguise").

A heartbroken Jim wanders about and runs into Sylvia, who is wearing her best Sunday dress. He wonders what she's doing out there this time of night, and she confesses her newfound feelings for him ("There's Always Me"). But Jim can't handle this revelation, and he rushes off.

In another part of the grounds, Dean and Lorraine plan to catch the morning train out of town, but Chad convinces them to stay and fight for their love ("If I Can Dream").

In the center of the fairgrounds, Matilda gathers the townspeople together to form a pious posse to both find her son and arrest Chad. But Chad enters, as does Dean and Lorraine.

In front of everyone Chad confesses his love for Ed, he takes off the hat and reveals to everyone that he is actually Natalie. Chad confesses that it was actually Ed he liked, not Natalie, so he leaves the town. Earl speaks and professes his love for Matilda, Dean and Lorraine are allowed to be together, and Jim realizes its actually Sylvia that he's loved ("Can't Help Falling In Love -- reprise"). Dennis and Sandra share a moment where they both realize a love for Shakespeare, and subsequently, a love for each other. Natalie sings of her falling in love with Chad ("Fools Fall In Love"). The last scene is a triple wedding (Jim and Sylvia, Matilda and Earl, Dennis and Sandra), with flower girl/bridesmaid Lorraine. Chad interrupts the wedding and declares his new found love for Natalie ("Burning Love"). The show ends with Natalie riding off on her motorbike, with Chad on the back.


  • Jailhouse Rock - Chad and Prisoners
  • Heartbreak Hotel - Henrietta, Dennis, Sylvia, Lorraine, Jim and Barflies (Music and lyrics by Presley, Mae Boren Axton and Tommy Durden)
  • Roustabout - Chad (Music and lyrics by Florence Kaye, Bernie Baum and Bill Giant)
  • One Night With You - Natalie (Music and lyrics by Pearl King and Dave Bartholomew)
  • C'mon Everybody - Chad, Natalie, Dennis, and Company (Music and lyrics by Joy Byers)
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  • It's Now or Never - Dean, Lorraine and Company (Music and lyrics by Aaron Schroeder and Wally Gold)
  • Love Me Tender - Natalie and Dennis (Music and Lyrics By Elvis Presley and Vera Matson)
  • Blue Suede Shoes - Ed and Chad (Music and lyrics by Carl L. Perkins)
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  • Let Yourself Go - Miss Sandra and Statues (Music and lyrics by Joy Byers)
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  • Entr'acte
  • All Shook Up - Company (Music and lyrics by Presley and Blackwell)
  • It Hurts Me - Dennis and Company (Music and lyrics by Byers and Charles Daniels)
  • A Little Less Conversation - Ed and Company (Music and lyrics by Mac Davis and Billy Strange)
  • The Power of My Love - Chad, Jim and Miss Sandra (Music and lyrics by Giant, Baum and Kaye)
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  • There's Always Me - Sylvia (Music and lyrics by Don Robertson)
  • If I Can Dream - Chad, Lorraine, Dean and Company (Music and lyrics by W. Earl Brown)
  • Can't Help Falling In Love (Reprise) - Earl, Jim,Sylvia and Matilda
  • Fools Fall in Love - Natalie and Company (Music and Lyrics By Leiber and Stoller)
  • Burning Love - Company (Music and lyrics by Dennis Linde)